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Code of Conduct – Members

Standard Code of Conduct – Members

  1. The definition of Club Member is:
    (a) A registered player of the Club
    (b) A member of the Management Committee
  2. It is expected of Club Members to promote the highest standard of sportsmanship, see that “Fair Play” be paramount at all times and ensure that the “spirit” of the game is not abused.
  3. Playing members of the Club should seek to shake hands with their opponents and also the referee/game leader at the end of each game.
  4. All Club Members must observe the highest standard of behaviour when representing the Club or attending an event/activity organised by this or any other club.
  5. A Club Member who allows the expected level of behaviour to fall may be subject to disciplinary action. Examples of the most common types of unacceptable behaviour are:
    (a) Abusive behaviour or language
    (b) Threatening behaviour
    (c) Violent conduct
    (d) Provocative, rude or obscene language
  6. Any Club Member found to be in breach of any example in 5. above may have their membership suspended or, in certain cases, may be expelled from the Club.
  7. Members of the Club should treat victory with humility and defeat with dignity.
  8. At all times during the course of a game, the decisions made by the referee appointed to officiate, qualified or unqualified, will remain final. Players failing to accept his/her decisions may be considered to be in breach of 2. above and, in addition to any punishment imposed by the official at the time may be liable to have their membership suspended or cancelled.
  9. It is expected that all Club Members will conduct themselves in a manner that is both honourable and in keeping with the spirit of fair play and sportsmanship. They will not indulge themselves in tactics, either by word or action, that are likely to bring the game, this Club or the League, in which it plays, into disrepute.
  10. All Club Members will abide by the rules of the Football Association and its constituent youth leagues.