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Cup Rules 2024-25

Knock-out Cup Rules – Season 2024-2025

  1. There shall be a separate competition for each age group participating in the Competition and these shall be known as:
    (a) Under 12 Knock-Out Cup
    (b) Under 13 Knock-Out Cup
    (c) Under 14 Knock-Out Cup
    (d) Under 15 Knock-Out Cup
    (e) Under 16 Knock-Out Cup
    (f) Under 18 Knock-Out Cup
  2. Entry into the knock-out cup competition is free to all teams in the relevant League entry age group only. No teams from other age groups are permitted to enter the relevant age group competition. The conditions of entry for the competition are that the dates for the cup finals are set out and as agreed at the Annual General Meeting at the end of the preceding season, subject to adverse weather, will only be played on those determined fixture dates. The draw shall be determined manually by the MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE.
  3. All League Cup fixtures take precedence over all League fixtures. All ties shall be arranged by the FIXTURES SECRETARY. In the event of a tie being postponed due to the weather conditions, should the home team pitch still be unplayable on the date fixed for the re-arrangement, then the tie shall be switched to their opponent’s ground if they are able to provide a pitch in a playable condition. In the event of a postponement for a second time at a home venue, then the tie shall automatically be reversed. However, in the event of the venue for the reversal not being playable, then the tie should be played at the original designated fixture if this venue is playable. After a third postponement, the fixture shall be organised to be played at either venue, alternating between venue’s for each re-arrangement, If possible, the Fixtures Secretary shall also arrange a neutral venue at a location midway between the teams. In the event of the neutral venue being used, then the costs shall be shared by both teams.
  4. Duration of games shall be as for League fixtures (Rule 10) but, in the event of games being drawn at the end of normal time, then extra time of TEN MINUTES EACH WAY shall be played for age groups Under 10 to Under 16 and FIFTEEN MINUTES EACH WAY for Under 18’s. Games still drawn after extra time shall be decided by the taking of kicks from the penalty mark in accordance with the Laws of Association Football (Law 14). For the final tie the match will be played, whenever possible, on a neutral venue as arranged by the MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE.
  5. Qualifications for players shall be the same as for the Competition – Rule 8 refers. For the Final tie the players shall have played at least twice for their club in the League, Cup or Tournament Shield during the season in progress. No player shall play for two different teams in the same competition. If a player does so, the match will be awarded to his opponents and the team fined in accordance with Rule 8 for each ineligible player. If both teams transgress they will be removed from the competition.
  6. Up to sixteen awards shall be presented to all winners and runners-up in each cup competition. The Competition will underwrite the cost of such awards.
  7. In the event of Saturday ties (Under 11, Trophy Competitions) clashing with school fixtures, then the TIE MUST BE PLAYED ON THE SUNDAY.
  8. The REFEREES SECRETARY shall be responsible for appointing Referees for all Cup Semi-Finals and all officials for Finals of whatever nature.
  9. In the event of any cup round score line exceeding a difference of 10, then the losing team can choose to complete the game at that point, or at any further increase in the deficit of the scoreline.
  10. The dates of the cup rounds, as advertised in the handbook, are able to be amended to suit the fixtures schedule at the discretion of the Management Committee. The dates of the Cup Finals are not able to be altered, unless affected by adverse weather conditions, at the discretion of the Management Committee.